Menu of Services

  • We currently have Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Somali and Russian language access specialists on staff. The services of the language access specialists are free of charge during school hours. However, due to demand, we have contracts in place to support the interpretation and translation needs at the District. These contracts allow PPS to have access to networks of service providers in hundreds of different languages.

    The costs for these services vary depending on who provides the service and the conditions of the request. Schools / departments are responsible for the cost of their requests (if applicable).

Menu of Services Available at PPS
  • Cost Factors

    The costs of interpretation and translation services are based on several factors:

    • WHO provides the service (PPS staff, independent contractor, outside agency)
    • TIME of day when services are provided, and duration of appointment
    • TIMELINE - when we received the request, when is the service needed, etc.
    • LANGUAGE(S) in which services are provided 


    NOTE: DTP fees apply (Desktop Publishing fees) for converting PDF, PPP, Google Forms, etc. 

    For Google forms we always ask that you also share the content with us in a Word document to create quotes. Contact Teng at for questions about this.