Multilingual Resources

  • Training Guide: Translating Let'sTalk/LinguistLink

  • LAS Poster - Informing families about linguistic services

  • Multilingual Resources for Reopening 2021

  • Menu of Student and Family Supports

  • Multilingual Special Education Family Toolkit

  • "We Speak Your Language" - cards for families

  • Welcoming Students in our schools

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • UPDATE: Language Access Services Available during COVID-19

Language Access Training is now on Pepper!

  • Language Access Training is now on Pepper!

On-Demand Telephonic Interpretation

  • How do I request an on-demand telephonic interpreter?

  • Why do I need to make a three-way call to communicate with a family that speaks a language other than English?

  • When do I use on-demand telephonic interpreters?

Video Interpretation Services

  • Big meetings/events - Simultaneous interpreting

  • How to use Google Hangouts and Google meet for Video interpretation services

  • For ASL services

Translation of documents

  • Special Education Documents

  • Documents


  • Voice-Over

Scheduling System: LinguistLink

  • This is my first time using this system, help!

  • Are you providing training to use this system?

  • Do you have quick access to links to submit these requests?

  • I need technical assistance with LinguistLink

  • I have questions or changes to my request, what can I do?


  • Is there a cost for these services?

  • I want to know my expenses on language access

Other Questions

  • I saw a document that was available to English-speaking families but didn’t include translation. Why didn’t your department translate it?