Degrees and Certifications:

Ayesha Coning

Ayesha Coning is the principal of Ida B. Wells, the 12th grade administrator, as well as the facilitator for our “No Place for Hate” program. With over 25 years at various public high schools as both an educator and school administrator, she believes she’s had a “positive influence” throughout her educational career. Coning grew up in rural Rome, Georgia, where she developed a passion for teaching and education after experiencing widespread racial inequalities in academics throughout high school. She then went on to New York to attend Vassar College, earning her bachelor’s degree in history and eventually a master’s degree in education at the University of Michigan. She enjoys backpacking, painting, hiking, and enjoying the scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Her immense passion to mentor young kids and to “work with students along with lifting up their voices'' has only grown at Ida B Wells and she looks forward to continuing to empower students and prepare them for their futures.

Written by Mo Damtew, Intro to Communications, Spring 2023

Instagram: principalconing