Degrees and Certifications:

Kenneth Muraoka

Kenneth Muroka is a business and marketing teacher at Ida B. Wells-Barnett High School. As an undergraduate, he went to Montana State University and then Concordia University to receive his masters' degree in teaching. Muroka grew up in Sacramento, California in a small town called El Dorado Hills. In his free time he likes to go fly fishing and golfing. In addition, he enjoys coaching his kid’s little league baseball team. Muroka moved to Portland when he was recruited for a job at an advertising agency and worked in that field for a few years, before getting his teaching degree. Muroka loves teaching because he gets to be around young people and help them discover their personal interests. Muroka believes business is present in our society and is an important skill for young people to have. “My favorite part is actually not teaching what I teach…It’s the moments in class where we’re a little off topic and I’m talking to students about things they’re interested in and learning about those types of things,” said Muroka.

Written by Phoebe Robinson, Intro to Communications, Fall 2022