• Read-Aloud Tips

    Ten Tips for Reading
    Aloud to Children

    1. Make time for reading everyday.

    2. Choose a variety of books about
    different topics.

    3. Choose books with interesting
    words and engaging pictures.

    4. Be sure the child can see the
    pictures while being read to.

    5. Read with expression.

    6. Stop after the first few pages
    and talk about who or what the story
    is about and where it is happening.

    7. Ask the child to predict what might
    happen next as the story develops.

    8. During the story, stop and talk
    about what the main character is feeling.

    9. After reading the story, have the child
    talk about favorite parts and pictures.
    Always encourage the child to tell the ‘why’
    of his/her thinking.

    10. Have fun !!!!!
  • Favorite Read-Aloud book list

    Don’t You Feel Well, Sam ?
    by Amy Hest

    Happy Birthday Moon
    by Frank Asch

    When Sophie Gets Angry
    by Molly Bang

    A Snowy Day
    by Ezra Jack Keats

    Little Bear’s Little Boat
    by Eve Bunting

    My Name is Lucy
    by Vanessa Julian Ottie

    Ten Seeds
    by Ruth Brown

    by Gail Gibbons

    Dirty Harry
    by Gene Zion

    by Don Freeman

    Kitten’s First Full Moon
    by Kevin Henkes

    Franklin Wants a Pet
    by Paulette Bourgeos