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  • Free State of Play at Kelly Elementary

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    One day in late October, second grader Carter Lee Buyas grabbed a pair of pom poms from a pile of objects laid out on a bench in the Kelly Elementary School courtyard.

    “I like the sound pom poms make,” Carter said. “I like how they shake, shake, shake. Maybe I’ll mop with them. You know, clean the ground. Or I could be a cheerleader.” He pointed to a group of three girls doing a lively cheer on the sidewalk. “Or I could plant them. The pom poms could be flags. Or plants.”

    He paused and looked thoughtful. “They can be whatever I want them to be.”

  • Middle School Advisory Programs Find Their Way

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    Last spring, when Portland Public Schools moved to ensure that every middle school in the district had an active advisory program, the focus was on relationship building and giving students and teachers the tools needed to nurture a sense of belonging.

    The goals for the advisory programs were clear. What the district had yet to arrive at was a curriculum that would help everyone achieve those goals.

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  • Harrison Park Embraces Its Inner Panther

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    Harrison Park, which transitioned from a K-8 to a middle school this fall, recently held a school-wide vote for a new mascot. According to Principal Leah Dickey, these first few months as a middle school have been pivotal for students as they navigate the new exciting normal and establish an identity as a school and community. Picking a mascot has been an important part of that journey.

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  • Roseway Heights Principal Honored for Commitment to Equity

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    Principal Phu Dao is many things to the students and staff of Roseway Heights Middle School: mentor, role model, champion, friend. Ask anyone who has learned from and worked with him and they will tell you that he has dedicated his entire career to advocating for students, families, and educators. And now he’s being honored for that dedication.

    Courageous Conversation, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit that works with individuals and institutions to address racial disparities through sustained, fruitful dialogue, has named Principal Dao this year’s recipient of the Dr. Charles Hopson Racial Equity Principal Leadership Award. 

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Director's Message

  • Hello families!


    Head Start has kicked off this year with enthusiasm! There is so much excitement at the beginning of the year as we prepare classrooms and build relationships with one another. We always take pride in celebrating the cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity of our community as we welcome back our new and returning families to school. The start of the year is also an important time for us to screen our students for hearing, vision, dental, and inclusion support. 


    Here are some highlights from September and October: 

    • We love all our Head Start families – our current enrollment is 79%. We have at least 22 languages currently represented in our program!
    • We’ve doubled our coaching capacity this year to better support our instructional staff in their teaching practices and professional learning. We are excited to have two experienced Head Start Teachers – Sara Peloquin and Leslie Woodhouse – stepping into coaching roles.
    • We welcomed six new teachers to our program – Teacher Loan, Teacher Heather, Teacher Amy, Teacher Tiffiny, Teacher Joanne, and Teacher Langston (add teachers from RP?) We also have hired 6 parents as mealtime aides in our program so far this year! 
    • We celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month at Kelly Center, Clarendon, and Sacajawea sites. Our assemblies were led by our families and Latina Education Supervisors – Amparo Garcia-Yurchenco and Dr. Martha Molina Velasco!
    • We opened two new Head Start classrooms at Rosa Parks Elementary School. We are excited to have two parents – Alex and Jenn – serving as Policy Council Officers! 
    • We held our first Principal Coffee Chats and Policy Council Meetings of the year. We had almost 100 parents attend! 
    • The beginning of the year is focused on identifying any health needs at school, ensuring students have health insurance and an ongoing source of healthcare. Our 45 day numbers were fantastic: 94% of hearing screenings completed, 95% of vision screenings completed, and 95% of growth screenings completed.

    We look forward to sharing more updates with you throughout this next season of the year!

    In partnership, 


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