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  • An ombudsman serves as an informal, independent, neutral and confidential resource, assisting parents and community members with school-related concerns and issues.

    The goal of the ombudsman is to help families and guardians access the correct channels for resolving questions or concerns relating to their school or child’s education at both the district level and school level.

    Specifically the role of the ombudsman is to:

    • Listen and identify the areas of concerns and the appropriate first place to seek resolution.
    • Serve as a resource to help connect the right people to resolve the relevant concern(s).
    • Provide information about district policies and procedures.
    • Conduct informal interventions and mediations
    • Recommend policy or practice changes to the superintendent to make PPS more responsive to all families.

    Addressing a school-based concern

    • If possible, we encourage you to first discuss your concern with the teacher, staff person or principal involved. Many concerns can be resolved at the local source.
    • However, individuals may contact the ombudsman at any point during the course of a school-related concern. The ombudsman will help determine the best steps to address and ideally resolve the concern.
    • Contact the ombudsman at 503-916-3045 or


Judi Martin
District Ombudsman
(503) 916-3045