• Policies and Administrative Directives

    A district rule or guideline, either new or revised, that has been passed by a Board vote.

    Administrative Directives:
    The procedural plan, created by the Superintendent and his staff, to implement a Board policy.

    Draft Policies:
    A proposed district rule or guideline that has been introduced for consideration at a Board meeting. Draft Policies may be new policies or existing policies that are revised or updated. Draft Policies include a 21-day comment period during which the public is invited to offer feedback or data to inform the Board’s decision. Please see the information below under "Draft Policies" or visit the Draft Policies page to view the current policies and provide public comment.

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Draft Policies in the Public Comment Period
Click on a draft policy name below to view and provide feedback on proposed PPS rules and guidelines.

  • Draft Policies

    The Portland Public School District is providing Notice of Proposed Policy Adoption Public Comment to offer interested parties reasonable opportunity to submit data or comments on the proposed policies listed below.


    Written Public Comment

    Click here to submit written Public Comment on a Draft Policy

    An email may also be sent to Schoolboard@pps.net

    Written comments must be submitted by 5:00pm on the last day comments are due.

  • Current Draft Policies

    To view a draft policy, click the name of the policy below.

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