Through the support of the 2020 Portland Public School (PPS) Bond, PPS will engage in Instructional Resource Adoptions from 2021-2025 in Mathematics, Science, Health, Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Language Arts, English Language Learners, Dual Language Immersion, World Languages and Social Emotional Learning. Instructional Resource Adoption is an ongoing process that provides a systematic means for making decisions about curriculum review, revision, development, and adoption of practices and instructional resources in content and program areas. This cycle includes four phases: Define, Select, Implement, and Evaluate.

  • Curriculum is a critical factor in student academic success.
    "A teacher’s or district’s choice of curriculum can substantially impact student learning, and that—as a result—the paucity of evidence upon which sound instructional, purchasing, and policy decisions can be made is a matter of deep concern and urgent need." (Steiner, 2017)

  • All Students Interact with Curriculum

    "ATP data indicate 92% to 98% of teachers (depending on grade and subject) report using “materials developed and/or selected by [their] district.” The majority of these (51% to 74%) report using those materials at least weekly." (Opfer et al., 2016)


Science Students
  • For additional information, please contact: Mary Wiener, Manager, Instructional Resource Adoption mwiener@pps.net