• Adoption Process

    Portland Public Schools has developed a four part adoption process that allows for a systematic and thorough approach to adopting new instructional resources, ensuring that the instructional resources we adopt meet the needs of all of our students. 


  • DEFINE: The Define Step enables adoption/content area leads to go through the actions necessary in ensuring a thorough and successful adoption. This includes developing a project plan, engaging committee members, conducting an internal program evaluation, determining the adoption scope, developing a best practices/position paper and creating an materials evaluation matrix.

    SELECT: The purpose of this Step is to give the adoption committee an opportunity to examine publisher programs, keeping in mind the priorities established in Step One (Define). The list of prospective publishers will be pared down to the most promising options as a result of the committee’s work in this section. The actions in Step Two (Select) include a broad look at each program using guiding statements and questions, followed by a standards trace to help districts determine which programs will move forward in the adoption process. The timeline will vary for this section according to how many program types, publisher programs, and grade levels the district is reviewing.

    IMPLEMENT: During this step, the new instructional resources will be rolled out with teachers and students. This involves professional development, not only on the new resources, but also instructional pedagogy and how to use the instructional resources as a tool to support teaching and learning. Implementation generally involves multiple days/weeks of professional development prior to the start of the school year, at-the-ready support, observations and on-going professional development throughout the post selection year. In addition, on-going implementation will occur when new teachers come on board and/or switch grade levels/subject areas, and as needed to best support teachers in instructional practices.

    EVALUATE: The Evaluation Step is the longest phase of the Adoption Cycle and is not limited to post implementation, but rather evaluation is occurring throughout all phases. Evaluation is essential in determining the instructional resource needs, the materials selected and the effectiveness of the materials in meeting the needs of all of our students. Both quantitative and qualitative data will be collected for evaluation.

  • For additional information on the Adoption Process, please review the Adoption Toolkit