6-8 World Languages/Dual Language Immersion

  • Japanese World Language/Dual Language Immersion

    Adoption Status: Japanese WL/DLI is currently field testing materials and collecting community feedback. 

    Grades 6-8 Japanese Dual Language Immersion

    • Adventure in Japanese 1-3 published by Cheng & Tsui

    Community Feedback:   

    Community Review: 04/06/2023, Thursday (5:30pm-6:30pm, virtual)
    Location-Virtual (https://pps-net. zoom.us/j/85451689306?pwd=MzZBdGVYd3lZenBCcUlXcVZxT2RQUT09)

    Virtual Curriculum Evening- During this session, you will be able to hear presentations from our vendor - Cheng & Tsui virtually, explore materials and have time for Q&A at the end.  We would appreciate it if you complete this community review feedback form at the end of the session.

    Cheng & Tsui website: Adventure in Japanese 1-3  

    Adoption Years: School Year 23/24 thru School Year 27/28

    Who do I contact if I have questions?: Miki Farrell, DLI Japanese Tosa, mfarrell@pps.net



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