• 2021-2022 2nd Semester Attendance Procedures

    ABSENCE REPORTING FORM (for use by our attendance clerk)

    Please use the Absence Reporting Form to report/excuse all absences to our Attendance Clerk (Kathy Lommen). This data is used to update synergy. Once you fill out this form, you DO NOT need to call or email with the same information.

    You may use this form for past, current or future, full-day or partial-day absences. Please clear absences within 3 school days. 

    Please note, some days get busy and we may not get attendance updated prior to ROBOCALLS going out. You do not need to call, email or fill out the form again.
    Attendance will get updated. 

    Robocalls go out twice a day and are sent on the day a student is marked absent. If a student was marked absent in a class before lunch, a robocall is sent at 1:00pm. For missed classes after lunch, the robocall goes out at 5:30pm. (Please note that the first class after lunch can be tricky. Robocalls go out in the middle of that class period and an attendance code can change during the class.) Robocalls are turned on at the district level. We have no control over them at high school. 

    If you receive a robocall:

    1) Please use the Absence Reporting Form if the absence is excused and a parent/guardian forgot to contact Kathy.
    2) If a parent/guardian receives a call but your student believes this is an error, please have your student contact their teacher for that reported absence to receive more information.

    We recommend giving as much notice as possible when you need to have your student leave school for an appointment or other reason.  With advance notice, you can use the Absence Reporting Form to let us know when you will need your student called out of class. One benefit of a pre-arranged pickup is not having to park in order to retrieve your student. You should be able to drive through and pick them up or wait in the 5 minute parking spots along the curb on Vermont.

    Without advance notice, please call our Main Line at 503-916-5280. Please do not leave a message as it may not be heard in time.  Instead, please call back until you reach someone. 

    1)  If a student is tardy or arriving late to school for any reason, please go directly to class. 
    DO NOT STOP IN THE OFFICE.  Parent/Guardian, please use the Absence Reporting Form if the late arrival is excused.
    2) If your student signed out for an appointment but has returned to school, they should sign back in. This should be the only time a student needs to sign in.

    SYMPTOM TRACKING TOOL (for use by school nurse)
    In addition, if your student is absent due to illness and has any of the symptoms below, please also complete this Symptom Tracking Tool (STT Form) that reports this information to our school nurse. *Please note, the STT form should only be filled out once per an illness event.

    Symptom Tracking Tool

    • Tested positive for COVID-19
    • have any of these excludable symptoms of COVID-19   
          a)  Fever (100.4 F or above)    
          b)  Cough
          c)  Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
          d)  New loss of taste or smell
          e)  Chills      
    • Vomiting (48 hour exclusion)
    • Diarrhea (48 hour exclusion)
    • Rash

    Kathy Lommen
    Attendance Clerk

    503-916-5294, direct line
    503-916-5280, ext. 75265