• Student Records Digitization at PPS


    The Records Digitization project is converting paper student records to electronic files that live in DocuWare, our records management system. This project will transform each PPS school from paper-based to online student records management.

    During school years 2017-2018 & 2018-2019 we digitized all PPS schools. All Student's records are now online and staff has access based on their role and their school. All records request from outsite District are now handled electronically. Most if not all school's staff were trained on using the system and school's secretaries got additional training on scanning new records into the system. 


    School Digitization Process


    For a list of digitized schools, please visit our Digitized Schools page. If you have questions about how Records Digitization will affect your school, contact:

    Ramzi Adas

    503-916-3368 | ramzi@pps.net


     Training Materials, Procedures & Cover Sheets for Schools


    Use any web browser to log in to DocuWare at dms.pps.net. Select the "Windows Account" option and "Login". If you have students with digitized records and can't log in to DocuWare yet, please contact the IT Service Desk (support.pps.net / 503.916.3375) to gain access to DocuWare.

    DocuWare Student and School Records User Guide (04/20/2023)

    Most current version of the Student Records cover sheet(05/09/2023)

    Most current version of the School Record Coversheet (09/01/17)

      **Please note that DocuWare is unable to read handwriting. Information added to the cover sheets must be typed.** 

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