• Textbooks and Novel Set Requests

    Textbook and Novel Sets Request Google Form- Use this form to request and reserve textbooks or Novel Sets

    Novel Sets

    Ebook Rentals from IBW

    • Many books are available for ebook rental. There are so many that we cannot give you a list to browse.
    • If you know the specific title you want, email us the title. Otherwise, Cassie can make a list of suggestions based on your curriculum goals and interests.
    • Email your request to Cassie to find out if they are available and learn about potential alternate titles.
    • If a student needs a paper version for an IEP, 504, or strong personal preference, please have the student email Steve to make arrangements after titles are chosen.

    Kindle Paperwhites

    • We have 5 Kindle Paperwhites available for students to use for ebook reading.
    • Ask the student to come by the library or email library staff to reserve one. We need at least one day to prepare it for the student. 


    • We have an audiobook version of most books taught in English classes.
    • We can download mp3s onto an mp3 player or send an audiobook to a student’s Sora account.
    • We have about seven devices that we can check out for students to play audiobooks.
    • Audiobooks are very expensive($50-$100 per copy for a two-year license). We can’t buy one for everyone who will benefit. The library budget can support one copy for most books. We have multiple copies of a few audiobooks, like All American Boys.
    • Please check Sora or email library staff for audiobook availability. Not all audiobooks available are in Sora.

    Physical Novel Sets and ELA Resources Available At Portland Public Schools

    Multimedia Library- These resources are located at the district office and can be requested using the Google Form above.

    Novel Sets and Lit Circles- These are all the novel sets available at PPS. Please fill out the above Google Form to request and reserve these titles.

    To see only the novels located at IBW search  "@ida b wells" 

    PPS ELA District Website

    PPS Core Works Added in 2016

    PPS Core Works by Grade (PDF)

    Inquiry by Design Overview by Grade

    Note: These links represent all of the resources available at Portland Public Schools. Not all of these novels will be used at Ida B Wells.  To find out which novels and resources are used in your student's classes, please refer to the class syllabus. The works used in classes are carefully selected for literary and educational merit. If you have concerns, please contact Cassie Lanzas (clanzas@pps.net) or your student's teacher.  We will work together to address your concerns and find a substitute text if necessary.