• Welcome to the K-8 Science Kit Program

    Welcome! If you have borrowed science kits from us in the past, we hope it was a positive experience.  We are constantly working to improve the program: to deliver high quality, well-stocked kits; to provide excellent communication; and to help PPS teachers to make science fun and educational for their students!

    Science Kit Program Overview:

    The K-8 Science Program circulates and replenishes on an average of 3,000 kits per year and currently supports programs which include the K-5 Science Kit Program, SEPUP Mid-Level Science Program, Solar 4R Schools, and K-2 CBELD Program.

    Materials management is a key element that makes a district successful at implementing hands-on, materials-based programs. The SEPUP midlevel science kit program has a materials management system that is well-designed and operated by a team whose sole responsibility is to stock, distribute, and replenish the kits.

    K-8 teachers have an advantage with our kit scheduling and rotating replenishment service. The warehouse will pick up used kits and deliver replenished kits to school based on a predetermined teaching or rotation schedule.

    Our successful SEPUP materials management system rotates kits, every 8–9 weeks, and allows 1 week of turnaround time prior to shipping the kits to the next scheduled site. On average 170 kits consisting of 344 totes are transported to and from the PEC warehouse 3 times a year using one bulk truck staffed with two drivers that pick up and deliver to 51 school sites over a period of 5 days.

    K-5 science kits are picked up and delivered daily throughout the year by the warehouse pony driver’s. During warehouse refurbishment the science kits staff inventories the incoming kits, restocks them with needed consumables, replaces any worn or broken non-consumable items, and prepared it for the next shipping location.

    The "teacher-ready" kits arrive with materials already prepped!






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