• Supplies and Resources

    If there are missing components/consumables from your kit or damaged materials that are in need of replacement, please contact sciencekits@pps.net with your requests.

    Required steps to expedite online requests

    1.  All information must be included when submitting your email.

    • Your Name:
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    • Science unit:
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    2.  Other teachers must be listed if you order multiple quantities, otherwise you will only receive one order.

    Living Materials

    Two week advance notice is required for delivery.  Vendors deliver on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  If you need materials starting on a Monday, you can request to have them delivered on a Friday. However some living critters will not survive over the weekend (this option is available but not preferred). 


    Lumbriculus - (Black Worms) CareSheet

    Elodea - Care Sheet