• Title IA Schools & Information 

    What is Title I?

    The purpose of Title I is to provide additional support for schools that serve children who have risk factors like poverty or high mobility. Research has demonstrated that these factors make it more difficult for children to be successful in school. Eligible schools get an amount of money based on the number of students in the school who are directly certified by USDA standards. The use of the school-wide Title I Funding must align to school improvement planning which is informed by a school level self-assessment and needs assessment using measures from five key domains: Leadership, talent development, stakeholder engagement, well-rounded coordinated learning principles, and inclusive policy and practice.

    How is the funding determined?

    PPS follows the recommended school-wide allocation model. In order to be identified as a Title I school, at least 33% of K-8 students need to be receiving support services from the state. For high school determination, the threshold is 46.9%.

    If a school qualifies at or above the PPS thresholds, the school is allocated a per pupil amount. This amount is based on the number of students within that qualifying school who receive the state supports. 

    I.e. a school qualifies at 40.1% - total enrollment is 382 and eligible students total 153. The allocation would be based upon those 153 qualifying students within the building.



  • 2023-2024 Title IA Schools


    Boise-Eliot Humboldt PK-5

    César Chávez K-8

    Chapman K-5

    Clark K-5

    Faubion PK-8

    Grout K-5 

    James John K-5

    Kelly K-5

    Lee K-5

    Lent K-5

    Martin Luther King Jr. PK-5

    Marysville K-5

    Rigler K-5

    Rosa Parks K-5

    Scott K-5

    Sitton K-5

    Vestal K-5

    Whitman K-5

    Woodlawn PK-5

    Woodmere K-5


    Middle (6-8)

    George MS

    Harriet Tubman MS

    Harrison Park MS

    Lane MS

    Roseway Heights MS