• Sustainability at Portland Public Schools

    Portland Public Schools has a growing sustainability program that incorporates the dual approach of promoting student ecoliteracy while reducing the District's environmental footprint. We are committed to instilling a culture of environmental stewardship and encouraging action in support of the District's sustainability goals related to energy efficiency, resource conservation & waste reduction, connection to nature through green schoolyards, place-based education, and health & wellness.

    We aim to spark student's curiosity and empower them with capabilities to create a more sustainable future by encouraging students to positively respond to our ever-changing world.

    The District's sustainability team is our Senior Energy & Sustainability Program Manager and Sustainability Program Manager, who collaborate with students, teachers, staff, and community organizations to progress towards integrating sustainability into all aspects of their school.

    This integrated approach allows schools to create the conditions necessary to journey toward whole-school sustainability by focusing on organizational culture, physical place, and educational programs. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutrition Services FAQs

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Recycling FAQs

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  • What happens if the wrong things go in the recycling bin?

  • Do recyclable containers & bottles need to be rinsed or cleaned before they are recycled?

  • Why does recycling correctly make a difference?