• **May 2022** 6-8 English Language Arts Core Adoption Work

    The Portland Public Schools Language Arts Team invites you to provide feedback on the grades 6-12 language arts curriculum vendors and materials that are currently in the field test phase.  Please visit this page for details.


    9-12 English / Language Arts and Social Sciences

    Now more than ever, we are at a pivotal point where we must rise up to change the status quo for our Black, Brown and Native students. They deserve this, they need this. We are educators committed to interrupting the existing educational inequities and focusing on dismantling the status quo.  As we move into 2021-2022, we strive to meet our promise of the graduate portrait for our Black, Brown, and Native students.  As we rethink what it looks like to support student success, we make a few decisions that are reflective of our PPS Theory of Action focused on Black and Native students.

    Our charge in 9-12 core academics is to move students into academic success on track for graduation as outlined in the PPS Graduate Portrait:

    “A graduate of Portland Public Schools will be a compassionate critical thinker, able to collaborate and solve problems, and be prepared to lead a more socially just world.”

    Our PPS curriculum ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to learn a core curriculum which provides them with the probability of success in school. Each student will have access to an effective or highly effective teacher, and access to the same content, knowledge and skills in each section or class.

    The PPS secondary coe academics curriculum consists of a scope and sequence of priority standards in each course.  These fully outline the content, concepts, and skills that are essential within an academic discipline and at each grade level to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve the priority standards at a proficient or higher level. The district Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum provides clarity and guidance to principals, teachers, students, and parents about the core curriculum and its essential content and skills. Having the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum in place, clearly indicating the required scope and sequence of priority standards, means that individual teachers do not have the option not to teach this content and these skills, nor to replace them with something else. The term “viable” in the Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum means that the priority content and skills can be taught, learned, and assessed (not rushed and covered) within the timeframes available during the academic year, as outlined in the scope and sequence of each course.

    All core curriculum is housed in the Atlas Rubicon curriculum management system. You can find PPS priority & supporting standards, big ideas, and units in Atlas by visiting the link below:

    PPS and Family and Community Curriculum Site


    PPS Instructional Resources (students access curriculum through Canvas):


    • District curriculum units in Atlas
    • E-book sets (district checkout)
    • CommonLit 
    • Choices Program (9-12 Social Sciences)
    • Site-based and district library collections (physical checkout)
    • TCi/History Alive (9-12 Social Sciences)




HIGH SCHOOL Language Arts, and Social Sciences LEADERSHIP TEAM
Dr. Kristina Granby
Academic Programs Administrator
9-12 English Language Arts & Social Sciences