**Updates August 2021**

    SB 744 was signed in July 2021 and suspends Essential Skills requirements for graduates through 2023-2024. The legislation also establishes a workgroup to study graduation requirements.  For more information, see the legislation: SB 744 . 

    NOTE:  While Essential Skills requirements have been suspended, students who wish to earn the Oregon Seal of Biliteracy may still need to fulfill requirements demonstrating essential skills in reading and writing. Please see your counselor if you are pursuing the Seal of Biliteracy. 


    **Updates April 2021**

    Essential Skills requirements for graduation were eliminated for senior students during the 2020-21 school year.  As of April 2021, this year's juniors (those who will be seniors during the 2021-22 school year) are also exempted from the requirements.  See the April Assessment and Accountability Update Newsletter from ODE for more details.



    Essential Skills Work Samples
    Essential Skills Work Samples are one way in which students may demonstrate proficiency and fulfill graduation requirements in three Essential Skills: Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  The primary manner to demonstrate any Essential Skill is to meet the Smarter Balanced Assessment in the specified area. If students are not able to meet through the Smarter Balanced Assessment, then they can demonstrate their proficiency for an Essential Skill by completing work samples.

    Overview of the Requirements

    Students must pass 2 work samples in 2 of 3 strands (Algebraic reasoning, Geometry, Statistics & Probability)
    Students must pass two writing work samples, one expository/informative or argumentative and the other one of the approved modes (expository/informative, argumentative, narrative). Two narrative samples may not be used.
    Students must pass two work samples; one informational and the other may either be informational or literary.
    Additional Information: Outside Evidence and the Appeals Process

    Request to Add Evidence 
    For students who completed a requirement in another school district, Portland Public Schools may not have the data necessary to show this requirement as complete on the student’s transcript. To ensure students receive proper credit for work completed, a school counselor or administrator should complete and submit a request to add evidence. The form can be found here.

    Essential Skills Appeals Process
    If a student is denied a high school diploma solely based on not meeting the Essential Skills graduation requirement, the student may appeal the most recent work sample scores that were used to determine that the student was not proficient in that Essential Skill. The appeal must be filed within six months of the student being denied the diploma. Appeals are filed by filling out the PPS Essential Skills Appeals Form and submitting it to the student's high school counselor. It is important to note that students have the opportunity to revise and complete additional samples in summer school. For more information on the appeals process, talk to your high school counselor.

    PPS Essential Skills Appeals Process Chart

    Guides and Forms
    Here are the essential guidance documents for ES:


Dr. Kristina E. Granby
Academic Programs Administrator for Secondary Humanities
Duncan Carranza
6-12 English Language Arts TOSA
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6-12 Mathematics TOSA