• 9-12 Social Studies 


    Know the past. Engage in the present. Impact the future.

    Mission Statement

    The interconnected nature and fragility of the world make in-depth, relevant social studies instruction essential. The mission of social sciences in Portland Public Schools is to provide all students with academic and authentic learning opportunities that both ignite their passions for learning and also enhance their abilities and motivations to contribute as citizens in their communities—from the school community to the neighborhood, city, state, national, and global communities.

    9-12 social sciences courses represent the commitment of our educational community to interrupt existing educational inequities and focus on dismantling the status quo.  As we move into 2021-22, the power of studying the language arts contributes to meeting the PPS promise of fulfilling the graduate portrait for our Black, Brown, and Native students, and all students. 

    Through the study of primary sources and current events, students learn about the various political, social, religious, and economic developments that have shaped and continue to affect our world.  Reading, writing, critical thinking, and source analysis are emphasized as integral ways of understanding how the past relates to the present and future.  While connecting with all elements of the PPS Graduate Portrait in some manner, the study of the social sciences most closely relates to several aspects of the Portrait: 

    • Inquisitive Critical Thinkers with Deep Core Knowledge
    • Transformative Racial Equity Leaders
    •  Influential and Informed Global Stewards
    • Reflective, Empathetic, and Empowering Graduates

    Social Sciences Resources Overview:

    All core curriculum is housed in the Atlas Rubicon curriculum management system. You can find PPS priority & supporting standards, big ideas, and units in Atlas by visiting the link below:

    PPS and Family and Community Curriculum Site

    9-12 Social Sciences teachers have access to these resources to support the delivery of the scope and sequence of the guaranteed and viable curriculum in each course:

     Curriculum and Learning Management Systems:

    • Atlas (sample lesson modules located in the Lesson Planner tab in the district courses)
    • Canvas - the Learning Management System used to provide instruction to students


    Fall 2020 Social Sciences Updates from ODE

    PPS Instructional Resources (students access curriculum resources through Canvas):


    • District curriculum units in Atlas
    • TCi/History Alive (9-12 Social Sciences)
    • CommonLit (3-12)
    • Choices Program (9-12 Social Sciences)