• Atlas Curriculum Management System

    All Humanities curriculum (scope & sequence of standards) and unit/lesson resources are housed in the Atlas curriculum management system. 


    Accessing Atlas

    Educators can access Atlas via Clever in two ways:


    Two Levels of Curriculum

    District-Level Curriculum

    • Is visible to all educators in Portland Public Schools
    • Reflects the work of GVC teams across departments
    • Houses the district-created lesson plans to support Distance Learning
    • Is communicated to the broader community via the Atlas Public Site.

    Building-Level Curriculum

    • Is a shared and private copy of the District Curriculum for teachers
    • Allows teachers to add standards, independently created lessons and assessments to District Curriculum, but maintains all aspects of the GVC. 
    • Provides space for teacher teams to add building-level resources as well as notes and reflections. 


    Browsing for Curriculum and Adding it to a Dashboard

    Video Tutorial for Browsing Curriculum

    1. Click Browse in the toolbar at the top of the page and select Unit Calendar from the drop down menu. 
    2. Use the filters on the left hand side of the page to find the grade and subject you are looking for, then click Browse at the bottom of that form. 
    3. Click on the link in the Course column.
    4. Once you can see the Unit Calendar, you can add the course to your dashboard by clicking on Actions in the top right hand corner of the page and selecting Pin to My Atlas from the drop down menu. 

    Locating District Created Lesson Plans

    Video for Creating, Copying and Sharing Lessons

    1. District-provided lesson plans are available to teachers through the District Curriculum in Atlas. The District Curriculum maps are labeled with a DC and can be found by selecting *District Elementary, *District Middle School or *District High School as the School when browsing. 
    1. Within the individual units in the District Curriculum, teachers can click on the Lesson Planner tab to access District-provided lesson plans. At this time, only teachers assigned to teach a course have access to these lessons. Teachers who are unable to access lessons for the courses they teach should submit a ticket with support@pps.net 
    2. Teachers can copy lessons into their building curriculum by clicking on a lesson and then choosing Actions → Copy Lesson. Details for copying lessons can be found in the video linked above. 


    Further learning for Atlas

    Atlas 101 and 201 courses are available in the Soft Start Canvas Courses.

    K-8 Course

    9-12 Course