• High School Newcomer Program

    Students who have been in the US for less than one year AND score Level 1 on the placement test may be eligible for a newcomer program.  

    Newcomer programs are designed to jump-start students new to the school system in the United States. Students receive intensive English language development support while learning about a new culture and school.

    The goal is to gain basic English proficiency and then transfer to the neighborhood school with continued English language development (ELD) support.  

    Newcomer Program Site


    Newcomer Program Model

    • Students have the opportunity to take Newcomer classes with other students who are new to the United States and have beginning English proficiency.
    • Students receive English language instruction in Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science using content-based English Language instruction.
    • Students earn high school credit while taking core classes

    The Newcomer program is optional. Parents may choose for their student to receive English Learner Services at their neighborhood school.