• IBW AP Exam Information

    Registration for 2023 AP Testing is now closed.  Any questions can be directed to advancedplacement@pps.net or Abby Menashe at amenashe@pps.net
    PERSONALIZED STUDENT SCHEDULES: District emailed all students a personalized schedule in late November and again in March. Make sure you received it!  
    • All AP students (except those listed below) will test at the DoubleTree Lloyd Center (1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232)

      • On May 17, standard tests will be held at the PPS Central Office (501 N. Dixon Street)

      • All students with approved accommodations will test at either IBW or Greater Portland Bible Church off Vermont. A confirming email will come later this week.

      • All AP German students will test at either IBW or Greater Portland Bible Church off Vermont. A confirming email will come later this week.

    For exams at the Double Tree Lloyd Center, 1000 NE Multnomah St, Portland, OR 97232,  there are many transportation options:
    - If driving to the Double Tree Lloyd Center, parking is free
    - Your student can carpool with friends testing on the same day or get a ride to the DoubleTree
    - Trimet has a variety of options to get to the DoubleTree. TriMet Trip Planner is a great resource.  
    We want to make sure everyone has a way to get to the exams. If the above options will not work and you need transportation provided from IBW to the Double Tree Lloyd Center please email me by Friday, 4/21 to let us know of your need.

      –Plan on arriving at your testing site at 7:30AM for morning tests and 11:30AM for afternoon tests. If you arrive late, you may not be able to test!  

    Click here to see approximate end times for standard AP exams. For accommodated AP exam end times, please contact Abby Menashe in room 139 or amenashe@pps.net.

    WHAT TO BRING ON TEST DAY:Photo ID (school ID or Government issued)

    • Water bottle & snacks in a clear ziploc bag (Note: you cannot access these during testing-- you can have them during the 10-minute break)  No CANS or drinks with tops that do not fully close! No snacks or drinks will be available for purchase on site. 

    • Black or blue pens & #2 pencils (not mechanical).  

    • Calculators & rulers if needed for your exam. Please bring extra batteries

    • Warm clothes. Testing spaces can be cool.  Bring layers!!


    • Smartwatches or devices that connect to the internet.

    • Watches that beep or have an alarm. 

    • Highlighters, White-Out, mechanical pencils

    CELLPHONES will be turned off and turned into the proctors prior to testing. 


    Avoid scheduling personal trips or other events on your AP exam day. (If you need to move your exam to late testing because of a personal trip, there is a $40 College Board fee.) If you need to request late testing for any reason, please fill out this form.