• Registering for AP Exams


    Registration:  (Late & 2nd Semester) February 1st - 28th only →  Instructions 

    • Students can still register for an AP Exam in February.   There will be a $40 late fee per test.  Interested students should fill out this form:   LATE AP Exam Registration Interest Form 

      • We will contact interested students/families on February 1. 

    • February 28th is the LAST day to register for an AP exam.

    NEW AP Exam payment: SchoolPay Pilot in February 

    This February, we will be piloting the use of SchoolPay for collecting AP exam fees.  We are hopeful that this change will help streamline the process for all parties involved.

    Please let us know any feedback you have.  More Information about AP & SchoolPay

    Updated AP Exam Payment Instructions:
    - Families who DO NOT NEED Financial Assistance will now pay for their exams here: SchoolPay Link 

    - Families who NEED Financial Assistance will complete the Financial Aid Request form

    • They will then be emailed a new link that allows them to finish registration at a different cost (either $0 or $35, plus a $40 late fee if applicable.)

    • Students MUST complete all the steps described in the email to be registered for the exam. 

    PPS Exam Cancellation Policy here.

    Have AP questions? Go to the AP Student Slideshow or email the PPS AP office - AdvancedPlacement@pps.net