There will be no late registration or walk-in's this year so don't delay!

    Before registering, please have the following information ready:

    * Your full name and student ID
    * Your date of birth
    * Your's and your parent/guardian's mailing address, email addresses and phone numbers

    Permission:  You and your parent/guardian will be asked to provide an electronic signature agreeing to 2 things:

    1.  The student has permission to travel to/from the off-campus testing site(s), TBD
    2. You (the student) will adhere to test security regulations as laid out in the guidelines by PPS on the registration website as well as in the College Board Bulletin for AP Students and Parents.  Regulatins cover the use of cell phones and other electronic equipment, food and drink and calculators, TBD

    For Step-by-Step instructions for registering for AP Exams:  2nd Semester - AP Class & Exam Registration