• Curriculum 2020 Bond

    2020 Bond Curriculum Program - $53,444,000

  • The Curriculum funds of the 2020 Bond Program will be used to adopt comprehensive, culturally relevant, research backed and standards-based curriculum and instructional resources and materials, across our core subject areas.  Those areas include language arts, math, science, the arts, health/physical education, social sciences, English as a second language, world languages and social emotional learning. This investment will provide students with high-quality, standards-based instructional materials, will allow for a return to the Oregon textbook adoption cycle, and will support more innovative PPS vision-oriented courses of study (e.g. climate justice, ethnic studies, middle school redesign, experiential education and portfolios, computer science).

    For the Curriculum portion of the 2020 Bond Program, Advisors on Instructional Resources Committees (AIR Committees) will be established for each content area adopting new resources. The committees will be comprised of educators from across the district, central office leaders, school-based leadership and other stakeholders. Furthermore, extensive community engagement with students, parents, caregivers and family members will be accomplished through open houses, focus groups, and additional culturally-responsive feedback loops.

    More program details can be found on the INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE ADOPTION page.

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