• 2020 Bond Security Projects - $25,900,000

    Funds for the Security program will:

    • Add locking hardware to all classroom doors throughout the district.
    • Update intrusion alarm systems.
    • Add additional security cameras. 

    Currently, the majority of classrooms throughout the District require use of a key or a sub-standard lock to secure a classroom door.  A portion of the funds will be used to upgrade all classroom door locks to the current district standard that allows for a door to be secured by hand from the inside of a classroom.  Funds will also be used to upgrade or replace intrusion alarm systems to allow for remote control and integration with other building security systems. The remainder of the funds will provide for the installation of additional security cameras at District schools.

    Since the 2020 bond passed, the 2020 Security Project team has been assessing specific existing conditions, confirming scope, developing prioritization criteria for scheduling purposes, and determining how best to design and install these scopes of work across the District.  Work to install the 2020 Bond-funded classroom door locks has to be coordinated with 2020 Bond-funded accessible classroom door hardware.  As part of both scopes of work, every door in the District has had to be assessed to determine which doors already meet which standard, and identify the quantities, types and locations of hardware that needs to be upgraded.  Because the hardware has to meet accessibility as well as security needs, new locking hardware installation may include levers, panic bars, double-door coordination, or other hardware configurations.   Roughly 81 sites, and a total of over 2,400 door locations, will receive new door hardware as part of this work.

    While we are targeting an aggressive schedule to complete the installation in every school by the end of the 22-23 school year, we also recognize that existing conditions may slow down that schedule.  Old doors do not always work well with new door hardware, and those issues may not be apparent until installation is underway. 

    More program details will be available in the coming months.