• 2020 Bond Security Projects - $25,900,000

    2020 Bond funds for the Security Program include:

    • Adding locking hardware to all classroom doors throughout the district.

    • Updating intrusion alarm systems.

    • Adding additional security cameras. 

    Adding New Locking Hardware to Classroom Doors
    Previously, the majority of classrooms throughout the District required use of a key or a sub-standard lock to secure a classroom door.  Bond funds are being used to upgrade all classroom door locks to the current district standard that allows for a door to be secured by hand from the inside of a classroom.  Roughly 81 sites, and a total of over 2,900 door locations, will receive new door hardware as part of this work.

    January 2023 Locking Hardware Update
    Work is well underway across the district. Installation of district compliant hardware (lever handles that meet ADA and lockable from the interior side of the door) began at the end of November 2022.  So far, classroom door hardware has been replaced at 14 sites and is being added at two to three new sites per week on average.  Common area work is expected to begin in mid-February. The work at all schools is expected to be substantially complete by the end of the summer of 2023.

    Updating Intrusion Alarm Systems.
    Funds will also be used to upgrade or replace intrusion alarm systems to allow for remote control and integration with other building security systems. 

    January 2023 Intrusion Alarm Update
    Work is underway now and is already completed in over a third of PPS schools. The intrusion alarm program is estimated to be completed at all schools by the end of 2024. 

    Installing Additional Security Cameras
    Design work for security camera installation is underway now. Installation of the first set of schools is set to start in May 2023. Work is estimated to be completed at all schools by the end of 2024. 

    January 2023 Security Camera Update
    In response to recent incidents at Jefferson High School, several new cameras were added to the exterior of the school in the first weeks of 2023.