• Parking Reminders for both parents and students

    Juniors and Seniors, if you are planning to drive to Ida B. Wells High School, please complete this Student Parking Registration form. You will need the license plate # and make, model and color of the car to register. THIS FORM IS FOR STUDENTS TO COMPLETE USING THEIR PPS STUDENT GOOGLE LOGIN. Parents cannot complete the form for their students since there are boxes that ensures the student has read out parking rules.

    Parking is available for Juniors at Rieke Elementary School and at Ida B. Wells High School in the student senior parking lot for registered cars with a parking permit. Freshmen and Sophomores can park in the neighborhood in designated street parking areas. There are times when we need to find the owner of a car that is parked in the neighborhood. If your freshman or sophomore are driving to school, please complete this online google form with their car info (this form can be completed by parents).

    Please make sure to note the following:

    • The Junior/Senior Parking Lot is at Rieke Elementary School and the spots are marked WHS. There are 30 spots available on a first come first serve basis for cars with either a Junior or Senior Parking Permit.
    • The Senior Parking Lot is on IBWHS Campus. These limited first come first serve spots are from the handicap parking on the north/gym side of our school and go all the way to the Food Park. Seniors must display their parking passes on their rear view mirror facing outward.
    • Junior and senior parking permits are free.
    • Students can not park in staff parking, any loading zone, handicap or no parking areas. We will place a violation sticker on a car as a warning for the first infraction and for multiple offenders, our district has given us permission to tow vehicles.
    • Having a permit does not guarantee a parking spot. If there is not an appropriate spot available for your permitted parking, you will need to park in the neighborhood.
    • Please consider carpooling, busing to school and/or biking.
    • Juniors and Senior Parking Permits will be handed out at Back to School Business Days and throughout the year as cars are registered.

    Parents, please DO NOT park in our designated faculty parking when dropping off your students in the morning.  It causes a ripple effect of problems for our faculty members.  Our limited parking is also a great reason to plan ahead when you need to have your student leave early for an appointment. Use the Absence Reporting Form  (before school begins that day) or call ahead and your student can be outside waiting when you drive through.