Temporary Medical Conditions


    There are times when students experience temporary medical conditions and need accommodations to continue academically.

    What is a temporary medical condition? A temporary medical condition is an illness or injury that is expected to last more than 2 weeks but not more than six months.

     Examples of temporary medical conditions                   

    • Broken bones
    • Recovery from surgery
    • Extended illnesses such as mono

    Examples that are NOT temporary medical conditions

    • Colds, flu, Strep throat etc.
    • Anxiety and other mental health conditions

    Who determines what accommodations are needed? A school team, including school nurse, in consultation with outside medical provider (with parent consent). Supports are coordinated through Student Success and Health Department and must be approved in advance.

     Medical/Health Assessment and Release of Information (including translations)

    Temporary Medical Condition Education Plan - is only for students with temporary medical conditions (more than two weeks but likely to resolve within six months). Medical documentation is required.

    What happens if temporary medical condition lasts longer than expected? Temporary supports will not be provided beyond six months. Students should be referred for 504 or special education consideration at any point the team suspects that the student has a chronic condition that is likely to require accommodations, supports or services for an extended period of time.

    What is the expectation for students who are out of school for illnesses or injuries that are not considered temporary medical conditions? The expectation is that schools will make homework available for pick up by the family and that teachers will help the student with catch up once the student returns to school. Submit to: studentservices@pps.net

    Temporary Medical Condition Accommodation Form

    Medical Statement

    Release of Information

    TMP, Transportation and Home Instruction Submission Form

    Use this form to submit: 

      • Temporary Medical Plan
      • 504 Transportation Request
      • 504 Home Instruction Referral
      • 504/IEP After School Supervision Request

    SS&H will review the attached documentation and contact you for next steps.