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    Dear Families,

    The COVID-19 pandemic created the circumstances that required us to educate students in new ways. As students enter in-person school this fall we recognize all students will have unfinished learning. Each school will begin providing learning acceleration services to all students. The learning acceleration services will address the unfinished learning needs of most students. Students experiencing disabilities may need more services to continue making progress. The purpose of this letter is to inform families of the district’s progress toward COVID-19 Recovery Services.

    This fall, PPS will be gathering learning and progress data to support the discussion with you around recovery services for your student. A menu of learning recovery options is also being formulated.

    This year, at your child’s annual IEP meeting there will be an additional “Recovery Services” component where the team will discuss learning data and progress, and determine the need for recovery services and also service options. As parents, you may also request an IEP review prior to the annual IEP. School and district staff may also invite you to review data for recovery services prior to your student's annual IEP. IEP meetings will be scheduled at mutually agreeable times.


    Jey Buno, Senior Director of Special Education
    Portland Public Schools

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  • The Portland Public Schools conducts specific activities for the purposes of locating, evaluating and identifying students ages birth to twenty-one (21) with suspected disabilities and who reside within the district’s boundaries. This includes students attending private schools within the Portland Public School’s attendance area.

    Evaluations birth to 5 years The Early Childhood Team conducts comprehensive developmental evaluations for children birth to 5 years old who are suspected of having a disability. The team determines eligibility for Early Intervention, Early Childhood Special Education and school age eligibilities. Once children are determined to be eligible for services, Multnomah Early Childhood Program (MECP) will work with families to develop an Individual Family Service Plan. For more information about early childhood services, contact MECP at 503-261-5535.

    Evaluation Referrals- Multnomah County Early Intervention

    For children ages 5-21 years of age, please call Special Education Department at (503) 916-3152

Multilingual Special Education Family Toolkit

Multilingual Special Education Family Toolkit

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