• Pre-Travel/Training

    Private schools must use private school forms.

    Pre-Travel/Training Authorization must include documentation for every estimated expense. Please see Travel Training Estimate Guide below for more information.

    GSA Meals & Incidentals Breakdown

    2023 Mileage Rate $0.655 (.655) cents a mile (January 1 - June 30)

    2023 Per Diem begins October 1, 2022

    You do not need to submit a W-9 for Travel/Training


    Title II - A Travel/Training Approval Process Resources

    The travel and training must be included in your Comprehensive Needs Assessment Plan. Portland Public Schools is unable to pre-pay expenses for travel, including registration and airfare. Due to grant rules, THE INDIVIDUAL TEACHER OR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR, not the private school, must pay all expenses. Costs paid by the private school will not be reimbursed.