• Private School Annual Presentation

    Child Find

    • Student concern regarding the academic or behavior performance of a student for whom PPS has “child find” responsibilities
    • The private school or parent contacts the school psychologist at the designated school.
    • Pre-referral Summary Report
    • Private school students need to be added to the PPS Student information system. Parents should reach out to Gretchen Johnson gjohnso1@pps.net 503-916-3922 to be added to the student information system.

    Service Plan vs IEP

    • A service plan spells out the special education and related services the LEA will make available to a child.These services are provided at no cost to parents. But the student may not be able to receive these services at the private school. Instead, the LEA can require him to go to a public school for services like speech therapy sessions.
    • An IEP spells out the services, supports and specialized instruction a child with a disability will receive in public school. These services are provided at no cost to parents.


Contact Information

Lauraine Allen
SpEd Assistant Director

Private School Annual Presentation