• Single Subject Acceleration


    Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) refers to the process and possible placement of a student in a math course higher than the grade level math course they are currently enrolled in.

    Usually, the student has been identified as Talented and Gifted, but acceleration is for any student for whom flexible grouping, curriculum extension, and other appropriate interventions appear to not meet her/his advanced rate and level of academic learning. SSA may be recommended after differentiation and support have been exhausted in the classroom. SSA is available for students currently in 2nd-7th enrolled in a PPS school. 


    Parents/guardians/school personnel who seek acceleration for a student must begin the conversation at the school with the current math teacher. The teacher and school leadership, i.e. TAG Facilitator, counselor, assistant principal, and/or principal are involved. Using a body of evidence, the school team may determine acceleration to be appropriate. The school then must make a request to the TAG office by completing the Application for Single Subject Acceleration during the application window noted below. 

    SSA decisions are based on the whole child and should follow these guidelines:

    • SSA process has been followed
    • The student shows a need for placement
    • Current achievement is at least one grade level above the current grade level
    • Academic gaps will not be created as an unintended consequence
    • Student agrees to acceleration
    • Receiving school or classroom is aware and supportive
    • Same-race peer relationships have been considered
    • The child’s linguistic and cultural needs are addressed
    • Transportation has been considered and is provided by the parent
    • The social/emotional well-being of the student is seriously considered. Not all students are prepared to be placed with older students
    • Parent, teacher, student have given input and discussion has taken place in order to determine how best to meet the students’ needs


    The timing of acceleration is a critical factor in making decisions. It will be the responsibility of the parent and/or school to adhere to the schedule. We will not be able to accommodate makeup sessions. MAP testing will be used. Applications must be completed and sent from the school to the TAG department on or before October 1st for Fall placement in the current school year (May 1st for the following Fall placement). Based on the student’s qualifications and the recommendation of the TAG department, determined by the RIT scores set by the Math department, a student who will be accelerating to the next grade level for math must be place in the new class on or before October 15th for current school year acceleration. Those seeking acceleration in the Spring for the following school year will be notified of decisions before the end of the current school year.

    Parent/Guardian Right to Appeal:

    If you are in disagreement with the decision, you have a right to appeal that decision.

    Appeal’s Process in order of resolution:

    • Contact TAG Facilitator and/or school principal
    • Contact school’s Senior Director
    • Contact TAG Department
    • Contact PPS Ombudsman

    For Application, please reach out to your child's teacher/TAG Facilitator.