• Single Subject Acceleration in Mathematics


    Single Subject Acceleration in Mathematics is a process that allows students to be accelerated in mathematics instruction by one grade beyond their current grade level for the following school year. Students must be in grades 2-5 or enrolled in 6th or 7th grade Common Core Mathematics at the time of application. This process is not appropriate for multiple-year acceleration or for acceleration through a credit-bearing math course such as Compacted Mathematics Year 2, Algebra 1/2, or Geometry. 





    1. To get started, talk with your child’s teacher: Teachers, students, and families work in concert to determine if there are indicators of readiness for a higher math level. You can also reach out to the TAG Facilitator at your child’s school. Click HERE to get a school list.

    2. Application (completed by the family): Families will provide information about their child, give consent, and sign for receipt of information through an online or paper application. There is a link to the application below.

    3. Data Collection (completed by the school or TAG office):  At least two data points need to indicate that the student demonstrates exceptional ability in mathematics and proficiency in their current grade level standards AND the grade level above. Data can be from the following:

                1. MAP Math Assessments

                2. Ready Diagnostics

                3. OSAS and

                4. Performance Tasks
                5. Teacher Questionnaire
    4. Decisions (completed by the school team): School teams consisting of the TAG facilitator, administrator and at least one teacher (a mathematics teacher at the middle school) will make final
      decisions and share the information with the TAG office and the families



    Please read this guidance and meet with your child's teacher before starting the application: Additional SSA-M Guidance


    Single Subject Acceleration in Math Application


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