• Whole Grade Acceleration


    Grade acceleration refers to the placement of a student in a grade ahead of where s/he would be according to his/her chronological age. Helpful information on grade advancement for parents, teachers, and administrators may be found by reading A Nation Deceived (easily found as a web-based document.)

    Customarily, the student has been identified as TAG, and is one for whom flexible grouping, curriculum extension, and single subject acceleration appear not to meet his/her very advanced level and rate of academic learning.


    Parents/guardians who seek grade acceleration for a student must begin the conversation with the classroom teacher, the Principal and/or Assistant Principal. If the school team feels that grade acceleration may be appropriate for a student, the school must make a request to the TAG office by completing the Grade Acceleration Assessment Request (GA2).


    The building administrator will make the final decision about the student’s grade acceleration following a recommendation from the TAG Department. Decisions about grade acceleration are made after an evaluation of the child’s cognitive and academic skills, feedback from the current classroom teacher, as well as interviews with the parent and student.

    A Guide to Whole Grade Acceleration

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     Contact classroom teacher to begin Whole Grade Acceleration Process