Behavior Support Plan (BSP)

  • A Behavior Support Plan is used to designate individualized interventions and supports that will be implemented for a student. BSPs utilize the information gathered through the FBA to guide use of strategies that are likely to target the student's needs and environment.  The BSP applies the information gathered through FBA to specify strategies (skills to be taught, environmental changes, reinforcement, and reactive strategies) to reduce the behavior of concern. In other words, once you know your student and the "below the line" information, you can come up with a plan to interact differently.

    Tips for Behavior Support Plans: 

    • Check to make sure the interventions you selected will provide an alternative way to access the need defined in the function. 
    • Plans should be reviewed and updated regularly (approximately every 6 weeks). 
    • If a student changes environments, new information should be gathered to determine if & how the behavior has changed, and thus, what new strategies could be considered.
    • Use your toolbox. It is better to implement 1-2 carefully selected interventions with great fidelity than it is to implement many strategies inconsistently.