• Acceleration


    Differentiation strategies implemented in our classrooms:


    Curriculum compacting

    ● Depth/Complexity

    ● Flexible grouping

    ● Higher level questioning

    ● Independent projects, acceleration through AP & Honors classes are also available.

    ● Tiered Instruction

    ● Using pre-assessments to inform instruction


    Acceleration is determined in the following ways:



    ● Through parent, student, and counselor recommendations and expressed interest in advanced work

    ● If student is working above grade level in two or more academic subject areas

    ● If student can demonstrate proficiency on Pre and Post Assessments



    Options for Acceleration


    ● APDual credit courses

    ● Credit by Exam

    ● Enrollment in both on & off (beyond age level peers) campus classes

    ● Honors (subject acceleration in classroom using advanced materials/curriculum)

    ● Online courses



    Off Campus Acceleration Options:


    Additional services available for TAG students:

    • Advanced Scholars Program
    • Constitutional Law Team
    • Drama
    • Mock Trial Program

    Students that wish to access acceleration options can do so by talking with their counselor, teachers, and/or administrator.