• Occupational Therapy

    School-based Occupational Therapy is a related service provided to facilitate a student's participation in school-related activities such as accessing the environment and the curriculum.

    Occupational Therapists provide interventions through collaboration and consultation with parents, teachers, and other educational staff to provide tools and strategies. These interventions include environmental and routine modifications and adaptations, assistive technology and education that address needs in natural learning environments to encourage student success.
    Ven diagram about students and their school environments  
    Request Motor Team Assistance

    To request Motor Team assistance and evaluation for a student, complete the request for assistance form located in Resources > Forms under the Motor Team heading.

    Local Camps and Related Motor Activities

    To find more information about activities that are available in the Portland area, click here for local resources.

Occupational Thereapist Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
Motor Team Main Office 503-916-5490
Maria Gianotti Assistant Director 503-916-2000 ext: 71564 mgianotti@pps.net
Debbie Angle Occupational Thereapist 916-2000 ext: 71091 dangle@pps.net
Gina Barnes Occupational Therapist 916-2000 ext: 71084 gbarnes@pps.net
Keira McMenamin Occupational Therapist kmcmenamin@pps.net
Pete Carpenter Occupational Therapist 916-2000 ext: 71076 pcarpent@pps.net
Helen Clarke Occupational Thereapist 916-2000 ext:71079 hclarke@pps.net
Anne Furfey-Crothersn Occupational Thereapist 916-2000 ext: 71085 afurfey@pps.net
Amy Krivda Occupational Therapis ckrivda@pps.net
Kim Levine Occupational Therapist 916-2000 ext: 71104 klevine@pps.net
Kathryn Marxen-Simonson Occupational Therapist 503-916-2000 ext: 71093 kmarxen@pps.net
Sidney McReynolds Occupational Therapist 503-916-2000 ext 71090 smcreynolds@pps.net
Ellen Mekjavich Occupational Therapist 503-916-2000 ext: 79938 emekjavich@pps.net
Samina Reese Occupational Therapist sreese1@pps.net
Jessica Rich Occupational Therapist 503-916-2000 ext: 71103 jrich@pps.net
Lisa Testori-Sobolewski Occupational Therapist 916-2000 ext: 71086 ltestori@pps.net
Mary Williams Occupational Therapist 916-2000 ext: 71086 ltestori@pps.net
Melissa Williams Occupational Therapist 503-916-2000 ext: 71082 mwilliams1@pps.net
Karen Fletcher Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) 916-2000 ext: 71087 kfletcher@pps.net
Andrea Strauss Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) 916-2000 ext: 71088 astrauss@pps.net
Kathy Toomey Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) 916-2000 ext: 71092 ktoomey@pps.net
Allisa Pollard Occupational Therapist apollard@pps.net
Marianne Richter Occupational Therepist mrichter@pps.net
Alice Rogers Occupational Therapist arogers1@pps.net