• Loan Library


    AT and materials for individual students:

    The Assistive Technology Team (AT Team) provides short-term loans of assistive technology and materials for individual students. Teachers may request short-term loans of equipment to try with students with IEP’s. The short-term loan period is forty school days or approximately two months. Additionally, the AT team offers some reference & demonstration curriculum materials for short-term check-out.
    See short-term loan resources for a description of the equipment and materials available for use.
    During the short-term loan or trial period, the teacher/therapist should assess the benefits and success of the technology with the student. If data suggests that AT is beneficial for the student, the teacher/therapist may apply for long-term loan on behalf of the student. The application is reviewed by the Assistive Technology Review Committee (ATRC), which then gives a recommendation, based on the supplied supporting data, to the IEP Team whether to approve or not approve the AT for long term use. If the IEP team approves a long-term loan, the student will have access to that equipment for as long as s/he needs it and is enrolled in Portland Public Schools.

    AT for the classroom:

    School teams are also encouraged to research assistive technology options and consider how these tools might support instruction for their students in the classroom as a whole.
    The Assistive Technology Team facilitates long-term loans to individual students only, but we are happy to act as a resource for teachers who wish to learn more about software and hardware possibilities for their classroom. When considering software purchases for the classroom, check the Organization for Educational Technology and Curriculum (OETC) website first for possible reduced pricing.