• Short-Trial Loan


    Low-tech tools

    include hand-held spell checkers, hand-held tape recorders, calculators, electronic memo devices, highlighting tape, headphones, NCR paper for peer note-taking, computer copy holders, organizational tools, communication displays and simple talking switches.


    available in the areas of keyboarding, writing, early learning, literacy, language arts, math, science, references, customizable programs, daily living, multimedia and art/graphics.


    available in the following categories: portable word processors, computers, alternate keyboards, alternate mouse input devices, switches, and other peripheral devices.

    Voice output devices and programs

    include devices and software which are available which feature digitized or synthesized speech for the student who requires augmentative communication.

    Literacy materials

    available through our Literacy Library to provide demonstration materials to teachers and therapists so teams can explore ways to support literacy learning for students.

    Recreation and leisure materials

    have been adapted for students with assistive technology and augmentative communication needs.


    A variety of assistive technology and augmentative communication references are available for check-out.