• Long-Term Loan for AT/AAC Tools

    Form, Purpose, & Process

    In an effort to ensure that students receive the appropriate assistive technology for their needs, the district requests that IEP/504 teams make Long-Term Loan decisions based on supporting data collected during a trial period of AT/AAC tools.

    The Assistive Technology Review Committee (ATRC) assists teams in making these determinations by giving recommendations after review of Long-Term Loan Forms and supporting-data for students who have trialed AT/AAC tools.

    The ATRC is composed of specialists in the areas of assistive technology(AT) and augmentative and alternative communication(AAC). The committee generally meets on the first Wednesday of each month.

    The Long-Term Loan process helps the district to remain in compliance on IEPs/504s by ensuring that the AT Team is aware of the needs of students. Additionally, it provides justification for the purchase of replacement equipment for the AT/AAC short-trial loan library, and informed decision making around these purchases. This furthers our ability to adequately serve the students in our district.

    The student MUST trial the AT/AAC tool BEFORE the team submits a Long-Term Loan Form.

    If a student has been using a tool provided by the school or home, please contact the AT Team to request an AT/AAC student folder with Long-Term Loan form to be created for the student.


    Long-Term Loan Form Directions

    A Google Drive folder is shared with the responsible staff person when an AT/AAC Tool is checked out to a student from the PPS AT Loan Library. The folder will include AT/AAC tool check-out information and a Long-Term Loan Form. The team will use this Google Drive folder to submit data in support of a Long-Term Loan.

    PLEASE NOTE: Paper copies of the Long-Term Loan form are no longer accepted.

    Steps to completing the long-term loan form & submitting supporting data:

    1. Sign into your apps4pps.net Google Account.
    2. Share the folder with other team members so they can contribute information or work samples.
    3. Fill out the Long-Term Loan Form and add applicable supporting data to folder.
      The folder should include:
      1. Completed Long-Term Loan Form
      2. 504 Plan if applicable
      3. Applicable supporting data (e.g., work samples, video, pictures, inventories/assessments)
    4. When completed, notify the Assistive Technology Review Committee:
      1. click the link at the bottom of the Long-Term Loan Form
      2. enter the student’s name on the form that pops-up
      3. click “submit”
    5. The ATRC will notify you of recommendations after the next ATRC meeting.