• Thematic Units

    By using thematic units, teachers are able to focus instruction onto a topic, delve deeper and help students create a deeper understanding of a topic. There are many ways to encourage Themes in Special Education Classrooms. Themes can be represented in the songs that students sing, the books that they read, the fine motor task that work on, the facts that that they learn and much more fun, creative and engaging ideas.

    This portion of the website will be broken down into different general Theme ideas and have materials for teachers to use. Each theme will have ideas of repetitive text books, song boards to depict thematic songs visually and rhyming books. We will continue to add resources as we make and find them.

    Using Song Boards in the classroom is a great way to increase student engagement, encourage expressive language, work on multi-step directions and increase gross and fine motor skills. These song boards have visual icons to depict the song and are organized by themes.

    Rhyming Books are a fun way to teach facts about a theme. For example, if the theme is Community Members and the book says, "Students, students, what do you see? . . . I see a vet curing a pet for me" the fact to teach is "a vet cures pets."

    Please let us know if you have made resources and you would like to have them added to the website.



    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books

    Literacy Books

    • Dear Zoo: A lift Flap Book by R. Campbell
    • 1,2,3 to the Zoo by Eric Carle
    • Jump, Frog, Jump! by R. Kalan
    • The Cow who Clucked by D. Fleming
    • The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down by P. B. Johnson
    • Alligator Alphabet by S. Backstone

    Community Members

    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books 
    • The Little Fireman by M. Brown
    • Fire, Fire! Said Mrs. McGuire by Bill Martin
    • Farmer Duck by M. Waddell


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • T. Rex Trick-or-Treats by L.G. Grambling
    • That's Not my Dinosaur by Usborne Books
    • Dinosaur Roar! by P. Stickland
    • If the Dinosaurs Came Back by B. Most
    • Mineosaur by Sudipta
    • That's not my Dionsaur by F. Watt


    Song Boards
    Literacy Books
    • There was an Old Lady who Swallowed Some Leaves by L.Colandro
    • The Little Old Lady Who was not afraid of Anything by L. Williams
    • Apples and Pumpkins by A. Rockwell
    • Leaf Trouble by J. Emmett
    • Thank you Thanksgiving by D. Milgrim


    Song Boards
    Literacy Books
    • Our Rice Village in Cambodia by R. Tooze
    • Peek-a-Boo Papa by J. Newton
    • Grandmother and I by H.E. Buckley
    • Grandfather and I by H. Buckley
    • Where's My Mommy by J. Brown
    • The Napping House by A and D Wood
    • Mamma Do you Love Me by B.M. Joosse
    • This is the Baby by C. Fleming
    • Your Kind of Mommy by M.B. Parker
    • 1,2, I Love You by A. Schertle
    • Are you My Mother? by P.D. Eastman
    • The Bag I'm taking to Grandma's by S. Neitzel


    Song Boards
    Literacy Books
    • The Sandwich that Max Made by M. Vaughn
    • Seven Silly Eaters by M.A. Hoberman and M. Frazee
    • If You Give a Moose a Muffin by L. Numeroff
    • Chicken Soup with Rice by M. Sendak
    • If you Give a Mouse a Cookie by L. Numeroff
    • Sunday Potatoes, Monday Potatoes by V. Shiefman
    • Jake Baked the Cake by B.G. Hennessy
    • Let's Eat! by A. Zamorano
    • Each Peach Pear Plum by A. Ahlberg and J. Ahlberg
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly: A Play Rhyme by N.B Westcott
    • The Gingerbread Girl by O. Yearwood
    • Who Stole the Cookies? by J. Moffatt
    • More Spaghetti, I say! By R.G. Gelman
    • Big Egg by M. Coxe
    • If you Give a Pig a Pancake by L. Numeroff
    • Stone Soup by K. Einhorn
    • The Gingerbread Man by V. Findley
    • Tortillas by M. Gonzalez
    • Watermelon Wishes by L. Moser
    • Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? by K. Beaumont
    • Dinnertime! by S. Williams
    • Bread, Bread, Bread by K. Heyman


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Book
    • Rattlebone Rock by S. Andrews
    • The Little Old Lady Who was Not Afraid of Anything by L. Wall
    • The Lonely Scarecrow by M. Keen
    • Corduroy's Halloween by D. Freeman
    • Aunt Eater's Mystery Halloween by D. Cushman
    • The Witch has an Itch by D. Guthrie
    • Ghost Gets Dressed by J. Trasler
    • Inside a House that is Haunted by A. Satin


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • The Flea's Sneeze by L. Downey
    • From Egg to Butterfly by R. Elliot
    • Are you a Bee? by J. Allen
    • Look Closer Bugs by S. Malyan
    • Spiders by S. Simon
    • Ladybug's Birthday by S. Metzger
    • Buzz said the Bee by W. Cheyette
    • I Wish I Were a Butterfly by J.Howe
    • There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by S. Taback
    • The Grouchy Ladybug by E. Carle
    • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs by M. Reid
    • The Spider and the Beehive by K. Einhorn
    • Spider, Spider by K. Banks
    • I Love Spiders by J. Parker
    • Buzz Buzz Buzz Went Bumblebee
    • Quick as a Cricket by D. and A. Wood


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • The Deep Blue Sea: A Book of Colors by A. Wood
    • Five Little Sharks Swimming in the Sea by S. Metzger
    • Sun Sand Sea Sail by N. Weiss
    • Gentle Giant Octopus by K. Wallace


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • Plenty of Penguins by S. Black
    • Baby Penguin Story by M. Elizabeth


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • Have you Seen My Cat? by E. Carle
    • Three Little Kittens by P. Galdone
    • Ten Cats Have Hats: A Counting Book by J. Marzollo
    • Taking a Bath with the Dog and Other Things that Make Me Happy by S. Menchin
    • Nothing bug Cats and All About Dogs by G. Skaar
    • Mama Cat Has Three Kittens by D. Fleming
    • What will Fat Cat Sit On? by J. Thomas
    • Millions of Cats by W. Gag
    • The Baby Blue Cat Who Said No by A. Pryor
    • A Beautiful Feast fora Big King Cat by J. Archambault and B. Martin Jr.
    • Have you Seen my Cat? By E. Carle
    • One Bear, One Dog by P. Strickland


    Song Boards
    Literacy Books
    • Bubble Bath Pirates by J.J. Krosoczka
    • This Little Pirate by P. Sturges

    School/ Misc.

    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • The Napping House by A. Wood
    • From Head to Toe by E. Carle
    • Whose Shoe? by M. Miller
    • Whose Hat? by M. Miller
    • Duck in the Truck by J. Alborough
    • Splash, Joshua, Splash! by Malachy Doyle
    • My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis


    Song Boards

     St. Patrick's Day

    Song Boards
    Literacy Books
    • There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover by L. Colandro


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • And the Train Goes by W. Bee
    • Subway by A. Suen
    • Hey Mr. Choo Choo, Where are you Going? by S. Wickberg
    • Train Song by D. Siebert
    • You Push, I Ride by A. Levine
    • Who Sank the Boat? by P. Allen


    Song Boards
    Rhyming Books
    Literacy Books
    • The First Day of Winter by D. Fleming
    • The Jacket I wear in the Snow by S. Neitzel
    • Shoveling Snow by P. Cummings
    • Best Friends in the Snow by A. Shelf
    • A Winter Day by D. Florian