• ASD Parent Resources

    Northwest Regional Educational Service District

    Serves twenty school districts in the Northwest corner of Oregon. Their website has been developed to include resources for parents and educators.

    Spectrums Magazine

    A new local publication that will be published as a resources for families of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

    Autism Society of Oregon

    strives to offer information, groups and resources for families. On their website you can find information about support groups, Oregon chapters, and upcoming events.

    Autism Today

    A national website that includes information about new research, national trends, conferences and much more.

    Life Journey Through Autism: A Parent's Guide to Research

    The Organization Through Autism Research created a guide designed to provide detailed and research based information to parents.

    Autism Speaks

    Offers a variety of resources for parents, families and educators. Included are the signs to look for, research that are currently being done, family services, advocacy, and events to support the cause.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder State Resources

    This ORASD site is a detailed educational tool for parents, teachers, school districts and specialists. This site has an ASD library available for public use along with downloadable newsletters with practical Autism tips.


    The Autistic Community Activity Program

    Offers a summer of education and recreation for students on the Autism Spectrum and they do offer grants and scholarships.

    Camp Yakety Yak

    Located in West Linn, Oregon this camp encourages the development of social emotional and emotional regulation skills in children of all abilities.

    Camp Meadowood Springs

    An overnight camp for students with disabilities.

    Camp Odakoda

    Provides a summer camp for campers with High Functioning Autism (HFA). Their Mission is to provide campers with the opportunity to engage in activities that will help them grow and expand their social experiences. Provides opportunities for campers with HFA to enjoy their uniqueness, take pride in their strengths, and just have fun!