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Strategies for General Education Teachers & Teams

The Autism Team has created binders of materials to address the needs of students in the general education setting. Below is a list of resources that have been compiled and organized into different categories. You can also access a google drive folder of the content (k-5 Strategies).

Please let us know if you have strategies or documents that you would like to be added to this website.

Addressing Anxiety

K-5 Strategies

5 Point Scale

Mad Scale Poster

Emotions Form:

Example & Template

Planning Form

Worksheet Copy

Problem Solving Worksheet

Anxiety Curve

6-12 Strategies

Change in Routine Card


Help Box:

Using a help box is a great way to break down assignments during instructional time.

Anxiety Curve

Blurting Out In Class


Voice Scale:

Scale 1

Scale 2

Blurting Out - Visuals:

These visuals are simple hand signals that a teacher can use to support instruction for a student and provide non-verbal/ gestural information to be portrayed to the student.

When can I ask questions?

This is a quick reference sheet that lets a student know that they can raise their hand, wait and then they can follow a contingency map to determine what to do next.

General Classroom Strategies

K-5 Strategies

Work Expectations

Ready to Learn Poster

Ready to work icons:

Easily used as a desk strip

Stop Sign

Useful Prompt Icons:

These are great to have with you on your lanyard.

"My Day":

A home/ school communication form

Social Questions

Schedule Visuals

Whole Class Icons

Sample Student Schedule

Dolch Word List:

paired with visuals

6-12 Strategies

Helpful Strategies

Hidden Curriculum

Acceptable Alternative Student Projects

Organizational Tools/ Work Completion

K-5 Strategies

Breaking down assignments can clarify the steps and let a student know how to start and when to stop.

4 Step Breakdown

8 Step Breakdown

Student Work Schedule

Breaking Down Large Assignments

Assignment Breakdown

Project Timeline


Homework Organization

Paragraph Organizer

Story Retell Board

Student Plan

Developing a student plan that has visuals support the student in knowing what the work expectations are.

Writing breakdown

6-12 Strategies

Assignment Sheet:

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Today's Daily Schedule

Class Project Organizer

Homework Planning



Change in Routine Card

Routines that need to be directly taught

Visual Routines



Washing Hands


Cues 3-2-1


Social Stories


Accepting the Outcome

Accidents Happen

Are you Ready to Work?

Asking for Help

Being a Friend

Best Effort

Points 1

Points 2

Boys go the Bathroom

Breaking Bad Habits

Circle Time: Moving Towards Participation

Circle Time

Class Partners

Clean Up

Cool Down

Craft Time

Good Sportsmanship

It's Okay to Make Mistakes

Safety Social Story

Social Thinking