• Direction Services

    Direction Services is a team in Special Education, which is under Student Services.  This team provides support to students (and their families) with complex mental health, behavioral, social emotional and educational needs enrolling in PPS following an extended absence from a public school setting.  Typically these students are discharging from therapeutically driven settings such as day treatment, residential treatment, sub acute environments or other state agency driven residential settings.

     The team, comprised of two licensed mental health clinicians, works within a cross disciplinary framework with TOSAs, Special Education Administrators, Speech Pathologists, School Psychologists, Autism Specialists and DART (Day and Residential Treatment) staff within the Special Education Department and PPS. 

    Direction Services regularly collaborates with other PPS programs to help support and educationally place Special Education identified students in a school setting such as Student Supports, Reconnection Services, Community Transition Program and the Student Success Center, among others.

    Population Served

    The Direction Services team serves students who have been absent from a public school setting for approximately  20 or more school days and are:

    • being discharged from a residential mental health and/or alcohol and drug treatment program; 
    • being discharged from a day and residential treatment setting such as a DART program or other area day treatment program;
    • involved in the juvenile justice system and are on probation or parole 
    • identified as receiving Special Education services;
    • placed via the therapeutic system;
    • placed via a child serving agency such as OYA, DHS or Juvenile Justice

    Services Provided

    The primary focus of Direction Services is to assist students (K-21) in successfully transitioning into a PPS educational setting by providing:

    • a single point of entry for families and community/child serving agencies
    • assistance to schools through gathering relevant information from the educational and therapeutic systems including attending discharge meetings and identifying involved community based providers to support whole child continuity of care
    • participate in IEP review and placement meetings prior to the student's discharge for FAPE
    • assistance/referral for families/caregivers and community partners in exploring PPS funded alternative education options and navigating the enrollment and transfer process

    Community Resource Team

    In addition to placement services, Direction Services facilitates the Community Resource Team (CRT) in collaboration with Student Services. This multidisciplinary team also includes Student Services, Child Welfare, Multnomah County Mental Health and Addictions, Multnomah County Developmental Disabilities, Morrison Center Child and Family Services. This collaborative team will also include personnel from Juvenile Justice and NAYA as appropriate.

    • a 45-minute solution focused dialogue with schools, family and Community Resource Team members
    • The CRT can be especially helpful for families who qualify/utilize OHP services
    • exploration of district and community resources, to better “wrap around” a student and family
    • specific recommendations to enhance student success
    • links to community resources for students
  • Contacts

    Intake: 503-916-3075
    Fax: 503.916.3174
    Peggy Van Duyne
    Placement Coordinator, Special Education
    (503) 916-3075