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    Mary Pearson                  
    Director of Special Education
    phone: 503-916-3297
    fax: 503-916-3194
    email: mpearson@pps.net 

    Assistant Director of Special Education 

    Robert Cantwell
    Phone: 503-916-3451
    Fax: 503-916-3194

    Special Education Main Office
    phone: 503-916-3152
    fax: 503-916-3174
    address: 501 N Dixon St, Portland, OR 97227

    Robin Malone
    Office Coordinator
    phone: 503-916-3297
    fax: 503-916-3174
    email: rmalone@pps.net

    Dannyel Deyoe
    Data Coor-dinator
    phone: 503-916-3718
    fax: 503-916-3174
    email: ddeyoe@pps.net

    Gretchen Johnson
    Student Information Specialist
    phone: 503-916-3922
    fax: 503-916-3174
    email: gjohnso1@pps.net

    Mona Walker
    Special Education Secretary
    phone: 503-916-3152
    fax: 503-916-3174
    email: mwalker2@pps.net 

    Karrin Garrison

    Phone:  503-916-3438
    fax: 503-916-3174 

    Academic Program Administrators
    Not sure which Program Administrator to contact?
    Check out the PA Organizational Chart by school and programs.

    Jeff Brown
    phone: 503-916-3554
    fax: 503-916-3194
    email: jbrown@pps.net

    Chrystal Grey
    phone: 503-916-3454
    fax: 503-916-3194
    email: cgrey@pps.net

    Thelina O'Daniel
    phone: 503-916-3433
    fax: 503-916-3194
    email: todaniel@pps.net

    Mike LaFramboise
    phone: 503-916-6504
    fax: 503-916-2713
    email: mlaframb@pps.net

    Michelle Markle
    phone: 503-916-5817
    fax: 503-916-2346
    email: mmarkle@pps.net

    Linda Moon 
    phone: 503-916-3456
    fax: 503-916-3194
    email: lmoon@pps.net 
    Lauren Page
    fax: 503-916-3194
    Claire Skelley
    Phone: 503-916-2000   x74255

    Jon Williams
    phone: 503-916-6507 x71530
    fax: 503-916-3194
    email: jwillia1@pps.net

    Family & Community Liaison

    Noelle Sisk
    phone: 503-916-3723
    fax: 503-916-3194
    email: nsisk@pps.net

    Records Clerks
    For support with submitting special education paperwork or Oregon Sped
    contact your school's individual records clerk.

    Susana Cheek
    phone: 503-916-3262

    Dannie Fischer
    phone: 503-916-3220
    email: dfischer@pps.net

    Wendy Kling
    phone: 503-916-3229
    email: wkling@pps.net

     Laurie Whiteman 
    phone: 503-916-3224
    email: lauriew@pps.net


    Mandie Wood

    Phone 503-916-2000 ext: 74256

    email: mwood@pps.net


    Michael Snyder

    Phone 503-916-3219

    email: msnyder@pps.net




    SE Synergy Application Support

    For support questions about your SE Synergy Application.
    Phone: 503-916-3375  Opt. 3   
    For all IT Computer Support issues  
    Phone: 503-916-3375  IT support is Opt. 6

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