• Outside Funding Resources

    The following resources are provided to assist in locating and applying for outside funding for assistive technology:

    Foundations / Non-profit Corporations
    Zetosch Foundation-CDRC

    Child Development & Rehabilitation Center
    CDRC Business Office
    P.O. Box 574
    Portland, OR 97207
    1-800-452-3563 ext. 8704
    Description: Foundation set up to help children who are physically disabled, in educational settings, 5-21 years of age, and in financial need. Awards of up to $1000.00 are granted. Parent must first call to establish financial eligibility. Once this is established, a letter of justification is required that describes the medical condition and how the equipment will help the child in school. Include vendor name and address, phone/fax, product information (include model number) dollar amount of item(s), and shipping/handling charges.
    Zetosch Foundation-UCP

    United Cerebral Palsy
    7830 S.E. Foster Rd.
    Portland, OR 97206
     Description: Foundation set up to help children who are physically disabled, 5-21 years old, and in financial need. The request must meet a standard of "educational benefit". Maximum allowable amount is $1500 per child per calendar year. Parent must fill out a funding application that includes family financial information.
    Zetosch Foundation-Easter Seals

    5757 S.W. Macadam Ave.
    Portland, OR 97201
     Description: Foundation provides grants to children with disabilities who demonstrate financial need, are 5-21 years old and enrolled in a school program. The grants are to provide children with equipment or services to satisfy health requirements, making it possible for them to attend and succeed in school. Grants are awarded up to $1000 per child per year. Parent must fill out an application demonstrating financial need. Supporting documentation from professionals is required for certain requests.
    William Temple House

    2023 N.W. Hoyt
    Portland, OR 97219
    Description: Foundation provides grants to disabled individuals. A letter of justification is required describing the medical condition, equipment desired and vendor information. Family financial information is not required.
    Coalition for Assistive Technology

    in Oregon (CATO)
    P.O. Box 431
    Winchester, OR 97495
    For further info call
    (541) 440-4791
     Description: Grants of assistive technology equipment are awarded to children with disabilities. An application must be filled out and include extensive documentation and letters of support. The family must have already attempted to acquire the equipment from at least two sources and been refused. Family financial information is not required.
    Oregon Kids, Inc. Funds

    P.O. Box 5108
    Salem, OR 97304
    Description: A non-profit corporation that grants monies to meet the special needs of children under 18 years of age. It is limited to enrichment, educational, and recreational activities, as well as some medical and safety items. Requests for more than $100 per child or repeated requests require the approval of the board of directors that meets monthly. Oregon Kids should be considered a last resort. Requests must indicate other resources that have been investigated. Family financial information is not required.

    Third Party Payers

    Dept of Human Services
    Oregon Medical Assistance Program
    500 Summer St. NE E25
    Salem, Oregon 97301-1098
    Phone: 503-945-5944
    Fax: 503-378-2897
    TTY: 503-947-5330

    Oregon Dept of Human Resources Website
    Description: Medicaid-eligible students may apply for funding for prosthetic appliances" such as dedicated communication devices, based on medical necessity. The application includes a complete augmentative communication evaluation, documentation of trial use of the selected device and a physician’s statement of diagnosis and medical prognosis including the necessity to communicate medical needs. The Oregon Medical Assistance Program will reimburse for the lowest level of equipment that meets the medical need.
    Private Insurance
    Description: Private insurance often dictates the type of AT equipment covered for durable medical equipment (DME). Thus, AT equipment must be medically relevant in order to be approved by private insurance. Schools cannot require parents to use this funding source and, therefore, it must be totally voluntary on the part of the parent. It is also important for the school to inform the parents that there may be costs to the parent when using private insurance, such as out-of-pocket deductible charges, decreases in lifetime coverage, and subsequent increases in premiums. If parents are not informed of this, schools may later be held accountable for losses.

    Support Agencies
    Vocational Rehabilitation Division (VRD website)

    Central Portland Office
    3945 S.E. Powell Blvd.
    Portland, OR 97202
    (503) 731-3210 (voice)
    (503) 731-3211 (TTY)
    Description: VRD is one of the divisions of the Department of Human Services. One purpose of VRD is to provide vocational services to Oregonians with disabilities so that they may achieve and maintain employment and independence. Vocational support may include: assessment, counseling and guidance, training, job placement and job coaching. Items needed for successful employment, such as assistive technology or clothing for work, may be provided.
    Independent Living Resources
    (ILR website)

    1839 NE Couch Street
    Portland, OR 97232
    (503) 232-7411
     Description: ILR provides information and referral regarding services for people with disabilities at the local, regional and national levels. Services may include: public education, skills training, peer counseling, living skills training and attendant referral program. ILR can provide strong advocacy in many areas including the need for assistive technology.

     Other Resources
    Adaptive Consulting Services
    Description: This web site has been developed by DynaVox representatives and includes the AAC Report Assistant. This was designed to assist therapists in generating reports which can be used to secure funding from Medicaid and insurance providers.
    University of Washington
    Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
    Tele-Collaboration Project
    Description: This educational website was developed through the collaborative efforts of UW faculty and regional clinical experts in AAC. One topic is AAC equipment funding. Areas addressed include funding options and resources, information about writing letters of justification and funding terminology. 
    Oregon Technology Access Program
    (OTAP website)
    Description: The Oregon Technology Access Program (OTAP) provides training, information, technical assistance and resources regarding the uses of technology for children with disabilities. OTAP services are available to anyone concerned with the needs of Oregon children with disabilities from birth to age twenty-one. The program is sponsored by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE). The Loan Library has a collection of books on funding. The CATO application for funding assistive technology is available on this website.
    Beaumont Foundation
     Definition: The Beaumont awards technology equipment to support digital inclusion for undeserved individuals. The foundation has three distinct grant programs: community grants, education grants, and grants to individuals. See website for grant guidelines and application worksheet.