Degrees and Certifications:

Evan Price

Evan Price is an academic support teacher and has been teaching for 11 years at Ida B. Wells. He was raised in west Maryland in a rural town called Middletown. He is close with his family, although he now lives far away from them since he moved to Portland. In his free time, he likes experiencing the wonders of nature and playing video games with his friends. As a teacher, Price is down-to-earth and relaxed. He is skilled at keeping calm, even when the kids he’s working with are not. In fact, calming and connecting with students is his strong suit. People find it hard to stay mad at not just your superior, but someone who actively shows that they care. “My favorite part of teaching is connecting with students and helping them gain confidence,” says Price.

Written by Elise Korb, Intro to Communications, Fall 2023