TAG Plan

  • TAG Coordinator:  Courtney Pawol

    TAG Eligibility--

    Parents and teachers can nominate students for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) program in three areas:  Intellectual, Math, and Reading.  The nomination forms are available on the TAG Bulletin Board at the intersection of the main hallway and primary hallway and in the office.  The form requires parents and teachers to complete a short survey regarding their observations of the student as well as require the teacher to provide test history and work samples. 

    All nominated students at Stephenson will be tested according to the district assessment calendar with the specific dates still to be determined.  Students scoring in the 97th percentile and above have the opportunity of being identified as TAG.  Students scoring  in the 95th-96th percentile have the opportunity of being identified as TAG Potential.  While the identification designation is different, the student will receive all services and opportunities as a TAG student. 

    TAG test scores are only one component of the identification process. The TAG Team also considers parent and teacher survey results, student work samples, and other school assessment scores such as DRA, Literacy Assessment, Bridges Unit Tests,Scott Foresman baseline tests, and OAKS.

    Current TAG Student Services for the 2019-2020  School Year

    • Students receive differentiated instruction within the classroom
    • Students have opportunities to extend and/or deepen understanding within the classroom
    • Students have challenge assignments within the classroom
    • Students/Parents are notified of various special program opportunities such as Oregon Battle of the Books, Oregon Writing Festival in the spring, summer camp at Reed College, and Saturday Academy classes


  • If your child is identified as a Talented And Gifted child, please check out the following links:

    Portland Public Schools TAG resources

    Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted - The Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted (OATAG) is a statewide parent group interested in promoting growth opportunities for talented and gifted students in Oregon. OATAG is the state affiliate for the National Association of Gifted Children. Members of the organization advocate at the local, state, and national levels for the needs of gifted students. OATAG works to better meet the needs of Oregon's gifted students by developing partnerships with Oregon's various educational groups. OATAG also serves as a resource for parents, teachers, districts, and higher educational institutions on topics and issues related to gifted education.

    Annual OATAG membership is $29.99. More information on OATAG can be found by clicking here. To become a member, complete the membership application online at the OATAG website or request an application by writing to: OATAG, P.O. Box 1703, Beaverton, OR 97075.

    OATAG Listserv - The OATAG Listserv is a great source of information on gifted and talented issues in Oregon schools and legislature information. Your input is welcome and joining is simple.Click here to subscribe. Simply type subscribe in the subject box and in the body of the text, type subscribe.

    NAGC Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Awards - The National Association for Gifted Children Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Awards program recognizes excellence in young children between the grades of 3 and 6 who have distinguished themselves in academic achievement, leadership, or the visual or performing arts.

    Awards will be made annually to one student in each state. The awards brings with it a $500 US Savings Bond and a certificate of excellence from the National Association for Gifted Children. NAGC will accept self-nominations and nominations from parents, teachers, students, community and civic groups.