TAG at Robert Gray

  • NEW!  Parent Office Hours with the TAG Department

    Ask questions and receive information related to TAG identification, services, processes, etc.
    We will meet on Zoom, 6:00-7:00 PM on 9/28/22, 10/26/22, 11/30/22, 1/25/23, 2/22/23, 3/22/23, 4/26/23, and 5/31/23. 
    Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 28 6:00-7:00 PM
    Zoom link for Parent Office Hours with the TAG Department
    We look forward to seeing you!

  • Single Subject and Whole Grade Acceleration Information

    The window to apply for Single Subject Acceleration and Whole Grade Acceleration is now open until September 30th. Here are the links with information about each one along with the application form.  Forms will need to be filled out with both parents and math teacher. Please email Ms. Spring at tspring@pps.net if you have any questions. 

  • Middle School Math (for all students, not just TAG identified)

    The TAG program in PPS middle schools is embedded into classes, with math as the exception:

    MATH 6
    All incoming 6th graders will be placed in Math 6. Students who have already mastered the Math 6 content may be considered for entry into 7th Grade Common Core as a 6th grader. When students begin the year, they will start in 6th grade Common Core.  Any changes in placement will be made in September 2021. Math 6 is appropriate for almost all students.

    MATH 7 & 8
    There are two levels of Math 7 and 8, with the regular level called Common Core and the accelerated level called Compacted. Completion of Compacted Year 1 plus Compacted Year 2 results includes one credit of high school Algebra. RGMS will determine in grade 6 which students will be in which level of math, and they will continue on that track unless they are not successful in Compacted, in which case, they will be moved to Common Core.

    The standard math pathway has students taking Algebra in grade 9 and Geometry in grade 10. Accelerated students may enter Geometry in grade 8 at Wilson High School and walk to RGMS from there.

  • World Languages

    • SPANISH 2: (full year, gr 8 only) Continue where we left off in Spanish I with vocabulary and grammar through creating stories, reading authentic novels and magazines, listening to 90% Spanish daily and free voluntary reading sessions with graded readers. You will also create Day of the Dead altars and learn to dance salsa and merengue. Follows Spanish 1. One high school credit (with at least a C average).

  • Technology

    Chromebooks for Classrooms: RGMS is a leader in technology in PPS middle schools. We have 11 carts of Chromebooks and most teachers use Google apps to allow students to interact and collaborate on projects with peers and teachers.



    • TECHNOLOGY 1: (semester) Improve keyboarding; enhance online search skills, Internet safety awareness; Google Apps tools: documents, spreadsheets, drawings, MyMaps; memes; computer programming using Scratch; 3D drawing using Sketchup.

    • TECHNOLOGY 2: (semester, can be repeated) Focus on more advanced exploration of computer programming using codesters/CodeHS; photo/image editing using Pixlr, 3D graphics (Sketchup and Blender); Google Drawing, Google Sites/portfolios; advanced spreadsheets; keyboarding; video editing; independent projects and special teams for RGMS News and GrayVale Podcast.