Keep reading all summer long!

  • Multnomah County Library reading game

    Multnomah County Library offers a popular reading game every summer for children and teens.

    Instructions and game boards are available at Players can earn prizes, talk with others about the books they’ve read and hear about books they want.

    The game is free and runs June 15 through Aug. 31.

    More resources for summer reading

    School’s almost out — keep your student learning

    Summer’s great for relaxing and getting re-energized, but it can also take a toll on academic success. Here are some ways to keep your student learning this summer.

    • Read a story, together or independently. Afterward, ask your child to retell the story or act it out.
    • Listen and talk. Find out how your student is doing and talk about your day, your work and goals.
    • Practice math daily. Measure items around the house or yard. Track daily temperatures. Add and subtract at the grocery store.
    • Have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of simple things to find around the house. Help your child read the list, then turn her loose to find the objects. Examples would be things that roll, are red, smooth or rough.
    • Write a letter. The letter doesn’t need to be long. The point is to finish it. And help, if needed, in addressing it and getting it in the mail.
    • Watch TV. But tell your child, “The program has to be something I approve of, and you need to write or tell me about it later.” Or ask your child to act out a scene. Using language correctly enhances reading skills and interest in books.

    These tips are geared toward younger children. But one is universal: Emphasize fresh beginnings. Remind your student that every year is a new chance to do his or her best. No matter how students have struggled or fallen behind, every September is a new start.