• TAG Update: Referrals and Identification

    For students who were referred for TAG identification this fall, assessments are being scheduled and completed. The next step happens within the school, with a team who reviews the referral applications and makes final decisions on qualifications. Then the TAG department will send letters to all students who were referred around the end of February 2023, that includes their scores and whether or not they qualify for identification. If a student qualifies for TAG, services will officially begin this spring 2023.

    This fall, we administered the NNAT, a completely nonverbal intellectual assessment, to all 2nd grade students. Soon, we will be sending letters to the families of any students who scored in the 95th percentile or above, letting them know that they could be eligible for an Intellectually Gifted TAG identification, and the process they must follow in order to be identified. Receiving the letter is not an automatic identification. There will be a few additional steps to follow.

    If you missed the fall window for TAG referrals, the referral application is now open. Any referrals received by February 15, 2023 will be processed in the spring for identification.

    TAG Office Hours

    The TAG department continues our monthly office hours from 6:00-7:00 PM. You can join the meeting virtually with this link. Office hours topics:

    • January 25, 2023: Referral Update
    • February 22, 2023: ACCESS Academy Q&A with the principal, Anthony Bromberg
    • March 22, 2023: Acceleration options
    • April 26, 2023: Conciliation Report

    We keep a running document of Frequently Asked Questions that come up at these office hour meetings. We encourage you to check these out if you have questions, as the answers you seek might be found there.

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