• This school year, our focus is on Depth and Complexity. What does this mean? We want to be sure that students have plenty of opportunities to think critically, not just fly-by with basic skills. Some concrete examples of this are evaluating, applying, creating, and synthesizing. We will work closely with teachers and students to support student learning and appropriate levels of challenge. Several classrooms across PPS are focusing on scholarly behavior, flexible grouping, and independent research projects in order to meet student needs.

    - Andrew Johnson, Director of Talented and Gifted Education

    Talented and Gifted Identification


    Please contact our TAG coordinator for information about Talented and Gifted Identification

    Be on the lookout for…

    • School Facilitators join the TAG staff once a month for an opportunity to further professional development surrounding TAG instruction. The goals for the 2016-2017 school year include Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOT-Q) and Differentiated Menus 

    TAG FAMILY NIGHTS in Partnership with OMSI

    TAG Students and their families are invited to attend OMSI Family Night! 6-8PM
    April 24th


  • Woodstock TAG Coordinator

    Brian Erbach


    (503) 916-6380